Stage 02



???? Start: Cusco Imperial City

???? Finish: Saqsaywaman

???? Archeological Sites: Puka Pukara, Saqsaywaman

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Stage Story

The competition begins in the Imperial City of Cusco, with a controlled start up to kilometer 5, where we will find a 10-kilometer climb with walls of 18% at some times and also easy climbs with some breaks.

Just before we finish crowning we will enter a spectacular forest with a magical path that will take us up to 3750 meters above sea level, there we will start riding in a constant descending blade of low speed but very fun on that will eventually wow you with short steep climbs.

After a few kilometers we will reach a tarmac junction where we will immediately enter a high-speed forest road with some jumps that will entertain you but you will always have the option of passing them on one side. This high-speed descent will take you to a small town where at kilometer 21 we will have our supply and hydration table.

After charging energies, we will use the Bike Park descent lines where we will cancel all the Downhill jumps to make it safer and more bearable for all riders, you will roll through forests and superelevations, spotting the city of Cusco from afar. At the exact moment where your hands will start to hurt from the incredible descent, a new climb will come that starts on a single track and ends on an old trail that can be moved for approximately 8 kilometers. This climb will be fun because it allows you to go fast (you will take the wind in your favor) and you will be able to see some of the landscapes, stones and caves that will leave you petrified with the desire to take several photos.

At the end of the climb you will arrive at the same supply point of kilometer 21 where it will be your last opportunity to load up on food and water before reaching the finish line, because what comes is a flat and false fast map within magnificent carriages that will take you to cross an Inka temple just a few meters away to appreciate it in its maximum splendor, but we know that you will not only be here for the beautiful landscapes but also why you want to find fun on your bike and we have prepared a last descent where your ability to the bike will not be the most important thing but we guarantee that if you want to go fast you must be one of the bikers who love descents. And magically you will arrive at SAQSAYWAMAN, where we will wait for you with your warm clothes, a good snack and a lot of good Inka energy. Finally you must drive your bike in link to your hotel (approx 10 min downhill).