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ABOUT MACHU PICCHU EPIC: Machu Picchu Epic is a 5 stage xc marathon race, which links the best mountain bike trails through Cusco main attractions. The competition takes place from Monday October 04 to October 08, 2021. Machu Picchu visit on October 09, and return to Cusco on October 10, 2021.

ABOUT CUSCO: Located southeast of Peru, over 3,200 meters above sea level and surrounded by the Andes Mountains. Cusco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is considered the Historical capital of Peru. The race will pass through the different tambos, colqas and Inca towns drawing the route of the gods towards the ruins of Machu Picchu.

STAGES: You can participate in 2 formats:

  • MACHU 5: 282KM – 7,305mts of positive slope. Participate in the 5 stages of the race.
  • PICCHU 3: 197KM – 4,182mts of positive slope. Participate in stage 01-03-05 of the race, and join the tourism group in stage 02 and 04.

The start and finish of each stage are in different places, therefore there is a ???? bus connection depending on the stage to the hotel. Each stage has control times and supply tables, in addition to closing trolleys.

For more info about the stages, Go to Stage Requiered.

TIMING: Machu Picchu Epic is a timed race, with checkpoings and supply tables on the route.

FINISHER MEDAL: Every finisher receives a medal, no matter which distance they complete.

5 Stage Map (01 to 05)

3 Stage Map (01-03-05)

Perks included as part of Machu Picchu Epic

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